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It's a pleasure to have you here. I am Fernanda Alem, founder of Brain U Coaching.

With more than 20 years of international career, licensed in Brazil as a Lawyer and in Washington, D.C. as Special Legal Consultant (D.C. Bar), I am a Legal Business Executive who deepened into leadership, mental skills, cross-cultural high performance communication and soft skills training for corporate and individual clients.

Based on my current international certifications, today I work with clients around the world in 3 languages ​​(Portuguese, English and Spanish) focusing on achieving goals, mindset shift and social-emotional and cultural skills. This work is carried out online or in person, through webinars and workshops, online learning, web series and international collaborative projects and mindset programs, as well as individual and/or corporate meetings in coaching and mentoring programs. I also work closely with businesses on the Bio-Leadership and Smart Mindset Program.

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Innovative solutions in Coaching and Mentoring

Brain U Coaching is a training company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is worldwide active, encouraging individuals and organizations to thrive through online training and innovative coaching and mentoring solutions through a multicultural, strategic and conscious line of work.

We have a modern approach, with a structured methodology, and supported by tools and strategies for planning and achieving of goals. We work in several areas of business, especially in the legal and compliance fields and related areas, focusing on high performance leadership, through the professional and personal development and improvement of the individual. Respect for the singularity of each client is very important for us, so we consider variables in each project: we highlight the strengths and improvement of each individual, motivators, values, needs and professional and personal expectations of each one, guiding them as efficiently as possible in this transformative process. We also work on sustainable corporate programs, focusing on the triple bottom line Bio-Leadership training. 

At Brain U Coaching you find specialized training, based on the foundation method of cognitive constructivism of Coaching Integrado® – ICI Integrated Coaching Institute, validated by the ICF – International Coach Federation, as well as on the innovative mental skills training by the Mental Training, Inc. - all to adjust your current professional and life situation to one of a growth mindset, focused on continuous improvement by keeping your short, medium and long-term work-life needs and expectations aligned.

Explore our website to learn more about our areas of expertise and services and to understand how our training methodology and supporting tools can help you achieve faster, more sustainable results! Be sure to check our corporate Bio-Leadership and Mindset Program. Also read our featured articles, follow us on social media, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and enroll in one (or more) of our upcoming online courses


To provide the public (individuals and organizations), in the shortest space of time, a powerful and mindful transformation through self and social awareness, genuine communication and mindset shift, through multicultural and innovative tools and techniques in coaching and mentoring, in a strategic work format of high performance solutions and the achievement of goals towards the professional and personal growth and sustainable success of our clients.

Our business Ecosystem


Caoching doubles

COACHING DOUBLES – Cross-cultural Project


  • Joint International Initiative (En/Pt)
  • 4 videos-series totally free
  • Available with subtitles in English (activate CC icon)
  • Intensive International Training (Dream*Believe*Achieve)

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