João Miguel Cotrim

ISCTE Business School

João Miguel Cotrim is a representative Mentor – European Union, for the Bio-Leadership Program with Brain U Coaching, and a researcher enrolled in a PhD in Management, major in HR & OB at ISCTE Business School, Lisbon. As a one-off project, he was Director of HR at ALCR Business Group. He was a Fellow Lecturer of Team Management – granted with an ISCTE Internal Grant; he was a Visiting Professor and Speaker at Schools of Executive Education in São Paulo (Brazil), Braga and Leiria (Portugal), as well as, Speaker at (i) the ICSS XIII, 13th Inter. Conf. on Social Sciences, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria (Paper: Sharing Economy – The Establishment of Organizational Identity Overtime, Considering Identify Claims and Legitimacy Granting), (ii) the 4th Inter. Conf. on Social Sciences, Athens, Greece (Paper: Sharing Economy – Crafting Temporal Identity and Legitimacy Claims as an Emergent Category) and (iii) the 2nd OFEL Inter. Conf. on Governance, Management & Entrepreneurship, Dubrovnik, Croatia (Paper: an alternative model of leadership called “The Mastering of 5 Key Elements”).

João was also a Mentor of Social Impact Projects at IES-Social Business School (powered by INSEAD), and member of the Editorial Board of IJM&P. More recently, he undertook a Traineeship at REA (Research Executive Agency) of the European Commission, which is a funding body for research and innovation, managing EU research grants. He has a relevant list of publications in his portfolio.

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