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Rewire your Mindset for High Performance! Get top results by shifting your mindset, elevate focus and resilience, and avoid burnout in this 30-day program filled with practical guidance, coaching tools and support materials from the sports and leadership areas.

This is an online self-coaching course (2h30) available at Udemy platform, in English, and created by Fernanda Cristina Alem Freitas.

– Do you want to reach your best potential by mastering your MINDSET?
– Why is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (E.I.) – such as CONFIDENCE, ADAPTABILITY and SELF-MOTIVATION – key SKILLS to a successful career and life?
– How can you truly EMPOWER yourself in your reality?
– And best yet: How can you reach optimal RESULTS and AVOID BURNOUT?

This quick self-training is designed for individuals, teams, and leaders focusing on leadership mental skills development and emotional wellbeing resources, supporting your professional and personal growth and transformation, all powered by international coaching tools and practical exercises in sports and leadership skills.

This is a 30-day mindset transformational programming that are meant to shift your mindset to align your short, medium and long-term goals, while avoiding burnout. The course takes you through 21 mindset shift lessons + 4 goal setting lessons, in addition to practical exercises, learning reinforcement quizzes and tools, and a special roadmap that can all be self-applied in this 30-day program. You can also revise all the materials later, at your own pace, and master these skills and tools on rewiring your mindset for high performance.

Please note prices for this course are being constantly adjusted by Udemy; this product is sold directly at the Udemy platform.

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