Ricardo Valim
Tax Lawyer

I had the pleasure (and luck) to start the COACHING process taught by Fernanda at a delicate moment in my professional life. It helped me to find skills that I didn’t know or didn’t even appreciate and to regain my enthusiasm for the job I chose to pursue.

Andre Luis Bispo
Lawyer, Notary and University Professor

Doing the coaching process with Fernanda was surprisingly enriching. In addition to the tools of leadership, organization and professional development, her sensitivity and quick and accurate reasoning opened doors for a balanced integration between my professional and personal life. With her gentle and firm approach, she led me to identify new opportunities, leave the comfort zone and independently format a rational career development plan aiming at high performance. Whenever I have the opportunity, I recommend the coaching process with Fernanda to my contacts!

Daniela Dressel
Global & US Marketing Executive

Fernanda is a wonderful Leadership Coach – her work is personalized and deeply transformative. I have learned so much about myself and Fernanda guided this learning with expert advice and mentoring. Highly recommend to all types of industries!

Fernanda Freitas
Compliance & Legal

Fernanda’s coaching and mentoring training is capable of effectively guide the professional performance of those who seek her. She has full knowledge of the legal market and understands the pain of professionals in the area, which allows her to be assertive in her performance. In my process, I managed to develop important skills for my professional goals. Fernanda’s personalized performance, attentive to the specific case scenario, brings excellent results.

Mauro Mori
Law Partner, Corporate Lawyer

Doing the coaching program with Fernanda was sensational and a milestone in my career! Fernanda is an extremely dedicated, intelligent, sensitive professional and her work is really tailor made. Her previous professional experience in law enriches and facilitates the relationship with coachees.

Rochelle Ricci
Law Partner

The work with Fernanda was a watershed in my life and career. Impressive how the results are visible. A real paradigm shift.

Thiago Barbosa
Partner - Head of Employment and Labor Tax Law

I had a very enriching coaching experience with Fernanda, who gave me valuable suggestions and highlighted interesting points of my work. She is an attentive and able person to help, respecting the personal inclinations of each one. I recommend!

Helen Moreira
Head Legal & Compliance

Excellent professional, who guided me in the process of Leadership Coaching by Skype. Fernanda was as present and involved as if she were by my side. Transformational process. Fernanda is dedicated, competent, and interested in making you exceed your expectations. I recommend not only for those who seek excellence of results, but for all those who have an interest in self-knowledge. Thank you Fernanda for offering so much enriching information!

Renato Silveira
Law Firm Partner

Fernanda was my coach in the process of leadership coaching. Coaching was very important to me and made me reflect on various aspects of my career, providing tools to meet the challenges of everyday life, set goals and plan actions. During the coaching, Fernanda made me leave the “comfort zone” and overcome obstacles, enabling changes and professional evolution, so I just have to thank Fernanda, who is an experienced and competent professional, and I strongly recommend her work.

Victor Hugo Heydi Toioda
Tax Lawyer

At the beginning of the sessions, Fernanda had told me that the Coaching process would be transformative. I confess that I distrusted at first. But at the end of the sessions, following the tips, proposing to use the tools and reflecting on the inputs provided by Fernanda, I can really say that the Coaching process is transformative. I can also guarantee that Fernanda is an extremely capable professional to guide her coachees in the search of “being the best you can be” professionally. I am not only thankful for the excellent work developed during my sessions, I am also an active “recommendation” of the work of Fernanda!

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